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  • Boundries In Early Recovery

    Why Choose Burial Insurance Over Life Insurance – No Doctor Visits

    A healthy, young adult will get inundated with term life insurance offers and can usually get a policy without a medical exam necessary. As you get older, however, your risk of health issues increases and the term life insurance companies aren’t so eager to cover …

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  • Estateplanning

    It’s Time to Put Together Your Estate Plan

    Many people think that only wealthy individuals need to be concerned with estate planning documents, but that just isn’t true. Estate planning is really about ensuring that your final wishes for your health care and financial estate are observed. Estate planning can also ensure that …

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  • Burialinsurance 2

    The Considerations of The Burial Plot

    The following give you idea of what is involved in the burial aspect of the funeral.  You will have a better understanding of what you need to do for the burial plot.  Give us a call at (888) 354-3364 and we can help you be further …

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  • Burial Insurance2

    Burial Insurance vs. Pre-Paying Your Funeral

    With the average funeral in the United States costing between $5,000 and $7,000 (according to, you don’t want to leave your family and loved ones holding the bag after you are gone. Many funeral homes try to solve this problem by allowing you to …

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  • Urnsforburial

    Is Burial Insurance Worth the Cost If I Want to Be Cremated?

    If you have decided that you want to be cremated, then you are part of a growing trend. According to, the rate of cremation in the United States has risen from 15% of deaths in the mid-90s to almost 50% today. Cremation appeals to …

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  • Burial Insurance1

    Why Choose Burial Insurance Over Term Life Insurance?

    A term life insurance payout can be used to cover your burial expenses, so you may wonder, “Why get burial insurance at all?” The reason is that not everyone can qualify for term life insurance. The older and sicker you are, the more difficulty you …

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  • Couple Seniors On Pier

    What is Burial Insurance, And who Should Buy It?

    According to the Insurance Information Institute the following in an explanation of what burial insurance is all about.  As you can see it is for a family or an individual to cover the costs of the final expenses. “Burial insurance” usually refers to a whole …

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  • Burialinsurance 1

    End-of-life Planning for the terminally ill

    Even if one is determined to prove their doctors wrong and beat the odds when told that one’s illness is  terminal, it would be wise to prepare for the worst.  Getting your affairs in order will prepare you for the financial hardships that inevitably come …

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  • Burial Insurance Plan

    Burial Insurance for the Costs of a Funeral

    The cost of a funeral is one of the three or four most expensive consumer purchases. The average cost for an American funeral, like other goods and services, has been steadily on the rise. Understanding a funeral bill is a challenge for most consumers so …

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  • Burialinsurance 5

    Is My Family Legally Required to Pay for My Funeral Expenses?

    The simple answer is no – not unless they sign a contract with a funeral director obligating them to do so and your estate does not have enough assets to reimburse them. Without burial expense insurance, the typical sequence of events is the following: Family …

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