It’s Time to Put Together Your Estate Plan

Estate PlanningMany people think that only wealthy individuals need to be concerned with estate planning documents, but that just isn’t true. Estate planning is really about ensuring that your final wishes for your health care and financial estate are observed. Estate planning can also ensure that your estate stays out of probate court, which is a stressful, messy, and expensive process for your family.

At the end of your life, you want to make sure you leave everything in good order for your family instead of leaving them guessing. For instance, if you become incapacitated and don’t have a living will, your family may not know whether you would prefer to stay on life support for as long as possible or be taken off so that you can pass. This could cause a lot of anguish and fighting among your family members. Not exactly a good way to end your time on earth. has published a good article listing the ten most important estate planning documents you should fill out and make available for your family members. In many cases, you can find free templates of these documents online. Make sure you also provide your children with copies of all of your legal documents and insurance documents, including your burial insurance if you have a policy.

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