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The Considerations of The Burial Plot

Considerations of the Burial at the CemetaryThe following give you idea of what is involved in the burial aspect of the funeral.  You will have a better understanding of what you need to do for the burial plot.  Give us a call at (888) 354-3364 and we can help you be further prepared by having burial insurance to cover the costs.

For a realistic idea of what a funeral costs, you must include burial fees that will vary depending on the type of burial-in-ground burial, interment in a lawn crypt, or entombment in a mausoleum.

The plot. The cost ranges from little or nothing in a community or church cemetery to in the thousands at a for-profit cemetery.

Digging the grave. You’ll pay to open and close the grave, and the cost will vary depending on the time and day. A burial between 9 am and 3 pm on weekdays is the cheapest. Burial after 3 pm could cost twice as much, and a weekend funeral could cost three times the weekday morning rate.

Reinforcing the grave. Most cemeteries require a concrete vault or grave liner to prevent the ground from settling. You may have no choice about this, but you needn’t buy an expensive one. It does nothing for your loved one, and no one will see it. A simple concrete grave liner will do.

The headstone. If you’re determined to get a first-class funeral, spend the money on the headstone, rather than on the casket. For the best price, buy the stone directly from the monument company.”

See more information about what you need for a burial http://m.kiplinger.com/