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Why Choose Burial Insurance Over Life Insurance – No Doctor Visits

Burial Insurance not medical exam

A healthy, young adult will get inundated with term life insurance offers and can usually get a policy without a medical exam necessary. As you get older, however, your risk of health issues increases and the term life insurance companies aren’t so eager to cover you.

In fact, at a certain age, you may be expected to undergo a medical exam before you can be approved for term life insurance, especially if your policy is above $250,000. If you are not in great health (example: you have high blood pressure or diabetes), this medical exam may feel uncomfortable and invasive. It may also lead to you being denied for coverage.

If you do not want to have to submit to a medical exam, or if you worry that you may not pass, you have other options. One is to purchase burial insurance (also known as funeral insurance) instead of term life insurance. Burial insurance provides coverage for funeral expenses after you pass away and does not require a medical exam or extensive medical history. Contact Burial Insurance Planner to get funeral insurance quotes today.